Kumtel operates joint production facilities with various companies in many different countries. It establishes disassembled production facilities and realizes turnkey projects. Having the necessary infrastructure and expert staff for CKD (Complete knock-down) and SKD (Semi-knocked-down), Kumtel has established CKD production facility in more than 20 countries considering the country requirements.

It contributes to the production in these countries by sending disassembled products to all African continents especially North African countries, Turkic Republics, Russia and Middle East countries. This enables our dealers and business partners to benefit from both shipping and tax benefits.

Kumtel puts its signature under major projects with its mini production facilities and transfers its experience in dyeing, enamel surface coating, injection and metal processing to its partners in different countries. Our expert team constantly visits these facilities and carries out the necessary inspection, training and maintenance works. Kumtel continues to grow as a company open to cooperation and highly experienced in CKD and SKD all around the world.